Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Days

Well the last several days have been HOT ONES. Yesterday topping out at 113 in Fullerton. Crazy Crazy Heat!!!!
I have been in the house with my 3 munchkins for the last 4 days as it has just been too hot to go anywhere. It has given me time to enjoy each of their little personalities up close. Playing dress up and trains and just listening to Samuel talk his baby talk has been so nice. No rush to go anywhere or do anything. Laundry has piled up for folding but that can all happen anytime. I am greatful for these times and try and tuck them away for the days when it all seems too hard to handel.
The days they go so fast and they grow up and become these little beings that are so amazing. So I take every oportunity to hug and kiss them and touch them cause today that is easy, they want it as much as I do, but I know one day the hugs and kisses will be in private only so they aren't embarrarresed of their mommy loving on them.